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Q-dance and 10,000 HOURS support the most vulnerable youngsters in our society with THE PROJEQT. On May 20th 2017, 500 volunteers team up to do volunteer work at eight different locations in the Netherlands. We’ll be supporting youngsters who live because of different circumstances in surrogate family homes or rehabilitation centers. The activities fit the youngsters needs and consist of small construction tasks, baking pancakes, playing games or party together.

Check which projects will join THE PROJEQT below.

Arduin – Zeeland

Just like previous years, we cruised through Holland to find certain locations that need us the most. During one of these trips we encountered Arduin, a location that supports troubled youngsters in the province of Zeeland. At Arduin, it’s all about talent development as they focus on each person’s possibilities and talents.

They’ve only recently moved to this location, so there are still plenty of spots that can use a hand or two. You can help by cleaning up the garden or to restore the cafeteria to its former glory. It’s a location with a lot of possibilities and now it’s up to us to take it to the next level!

After all the work has been done, we’re picking up the pace by throwing an epic party in Arduin’s very own warehouse. It doesn’t get any more industrial than this, so hope you’re ready for an old school rave together with the residents of Arduin.

ASVZ – Sliedrecht

This is your chance to be part of the organization of a brand new festival. At ASVZ in Sliedrecht, we’re creating our very own THE PROJEQT mini-festival containing multiple fun activities, lots of food & drinks and of course non-stop music! The target group of this festival? ASVZ’s residents.

To make sure that this mini-festival becomes a huge success, we’re taking the party to the residents. Due to disabilities, these residents often don’t get the chance to visit a party or a festival. That’s why we make sure that everybody can enjoy THE PROJEQT’s very own mini-festival at this location.

To top it all, we’re giving the bar and the bicycles at ASVZ a makeover, which makes their lives a lot easier and more fun.

Ons Tweede Thuis – Aalsmeer

The residents of ‘Ons Tweede Thuis’ in Aalsmeer are dealing with mental disabilities, autism or with mental injuries caused by trauma. Here you won’t just find youngsters, but also adults, children and the elderly. At this location, the staff is making sure that the residents can live a normal life. This means that they don’t just facilitate these people, but also rehabilitate them. The slogan of ‘Ons Tweede Thuis’ is ‘YOU & I’, a perfect match with THE PROJEQT.

As qualified raver, you know the value of an experience during an event. That’s why we need you to create a truly memorable experience for the residents here. There’s a nice little forest next to the location which is one of the favorite spots of the residents. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot to do at there so it’s up to us to make it a place where people can really enjoy the feeling of being outdoors. In addition, we’re also creating a kitchen garden so the residents can grow their own vegetables.

Breidablick – Middenbeemster

Breidablick is a community where people with mental disabilities are living and working at one place, while the staff also provides home care and guidance for troubled youngsters that are living on their own.

Because Breidablick navigates these youngsters towards a careless and happy future, we’re giving a makeover to Bredablick’s facilities. Ranging from cleaning the kitchen and bakery to improving the garden and the farm, there’s plenty to do at this versatile place. After the chores are done, it’s time to celebrate with a banging after party featuring the residents, the location’s DJ and of course with you!

Overkempe – Olst

In the eastern part of Holland lies Overkempe, a place where the focus lies on the individual’s healthy side. Just like Arduin, they don’t look at all the things that aren’t possible, but at the opportunities of each person. It doesn’t matter if you have a mental disability or a severe handicap, because there is always another way of enjoying life to the fullest. This very positive mindset fits perfectly with THE PROJEQT, making it a location that we’ll gladly help out.

One of the things that we’re going to do is renovating the work area. Overkempe has multiple workplaces that are frequently used, and it’s up to us die hards to make sure that they can keep on using them for many years to come. After all the hard work is done, it’s time to kick it up a notch by throwing a party that the residents at Overkempe will never forget!

Stichting Bio - Arnhem

Stichting Bio in Arnhem makes sure that children with a complex handicap go on vacation without any concerns or limitations. At this location, it’s all about giving children what they deserve: a carefree childhood. With its very own driving school, a 40-acre forest and multiple cool spots designed for activities, Stichting Bio is the place in Holland where these handicapped children can experience a brilliant vacation. Since the summer is coming up, it’s up to us to make sure that this area becomes 100% summer-proof. Besides that, we’re also baking pancakes, giving various workshop and of course we’ll also throwing a little party!

Stichting Pim – Dorst

The first out of two locations chosen by you to join this year’s THE PROJEQT. Founded in 2006, Stichting Pim is a place that serves as a second home for eight multi-handicapped children. Stichting Pim makes sure that, together with the parents, the residents can develop themselves in a unique way despite their disabilities.

This initiative makes it a perfect match for THE PROJEQT, and we can’t wait to give this location the upgrade they so deserve. That’s why we’re going to renovate their garden, making it completely summer ready, and fixing all bikes on the location. The summer can’t come soon enough after we’re done with Stichting Pim!

Visio de Brink – Vries

Just like Stichting Pim, this location has been chosen by you as new addition to THE PROJEQT. If Visio de Brink sounds familiar to you, then it’s probably because this location was also part of last year’s THE PROJEQT. The foundation has been laid, now it’s time to take it to the next level! Visio de Brink is a location with 160 disabled adult residents. Their disabilities range from visual to mental, which can be quite challenging at times. Nonetheless, Visio de Brink only believes in the opportunities instead of what’s not possible. Exactly what we’re looking for.

An event called ‘De Snoezelweek’ takes place here soon, the perfect reason for us to transform Visio de Brink into the ultimate experience location. After all the hard work has been done, only one thing remains and that is to test if this location is party proof. Together with an accompanying DJ, we’re bringing the Q-dance vibes to all 160 residents. Work hard, play harder!